Sandy Alternatives To A Turf-Based Landscape

Posted on: 26 December 2014

Sand has been used to revolutionize how a lawn looks. If you would like a new look for your lawn, take a look at these options and decide whether they speak to you.

Your Desert Backyard

If you are tired of how the backyards of many friends and family members look alike, consider creating a desert backyard instead. Place boulders near the back of the plot. Nearby these boulders, plant aloes to add some greenery and create a desert feel. Then, add other desert plants, including ironwood trees and cacti. To keep the landscape interesting, use a variety of cacti.

Gravel Instead of a Lawn

When you choose to use gravel rather than using a lawn, your property can look beautiful as long as you incorporate other elements such as sand and rocks, such as creating islands that are surrounded by rocks and consist of sand and plants. In warmer climates, incorporate a palm. In colder climates, add a cherry tree. To replace your turf with gravel and sand, remove the turf first and smooth out the soil. Then, lay down the gravel that will make up most of your landscape.

A Sandy Playground

Another way to incorporate sand into your property is to create a playground for your kids with play sand from a place like Burien Bark LLC. By having more give, play sand is used by playgrounds found on school properties and in many neighborhoods. Also, the play sand itself presents many opportunities to be played with.

Recreating the Beach

Even if you live far away from coastal areas, you can use sand to create a scene that is similar to a beach. Deposit gravel to form the base for the sand dunes. For every 50 square feet, you will need one ton of gravel. The shape that you want the dunes to take should be the shape of the gravel. Remove gravel to create pockets where you can plant vegetation. Then, make the gravel more firm by wetting it and leaving it to dry all night. Fill the pockets with potting soil, plant the intended plants and then cover the area with play sand. Create a bed of sand and place rocks and driftwood on top of it.

Sand Without Erosion

If you are worried about the sand on your property eroding, try using weed barrier. This material is often used for purposes such as covering French drains. However, it can also be placed in areas where you expect the sand to erode. It is usually placed underneath the sand and prevents the weeds from growing up through the sand.