How To Pick The Right Washer So That It Is User-Friendly And Lasts Longer

Posted on: 14 January 2015

It used to be that a washer was just a washer and there was nothing special to set it apart from many others. Now, however, there are a lot of features that can set the best washers apart from others. If you need to buy a new one, then here are 3 features to look for so that your washer is more user-friendly.

Stainless Steel Interior and Hoses

First, you need to buy a washer that is stainless steel inside instead of ceramic or metal coated in white. Traditional washers are made with white coated interiors, but the problem with this is that the white coating can wear away. When the coating wears off in spots, rust will form along the metal basket, which will then in turn get on your clothes when you wash them.

Now, however, you can buy a washer that is stainless steel inside, and it will not rust or ruin your clothes. This type of washer basket is not coated with any type of paint or other material, so you should be able to see the steel inside.

Also, make sure that you get stainless steel washer hookups to match, because they are stronger than the rubber hoses that come with most washers. If a lot of water pressure builds up in the stainless steel hoses, they will be able to withstand much more pressure than the rubber hoses.

No Central Wash Agitator

Next, look for a washer that does not come with a central wash agitator. These agitators are designed to wash and clean your clothes, but they can actually wear out the fabrics much faster, and sometimes clothes get caught on them while they are washing.

Instead, look for a washer that has a textured stainless steel interior to do the washing. The textured basket will still help to wash the clothes by acting similarly to a washboard. You will not have to worry about your clothes getting caught on anything though, and your clothes should look better even after several washes.

Problem Solver

Lastly, many new models of washers have troubleshooting systems that will help you to determine if there are simple problems. This is perfect because many problems do not require repair if they are simple. It could be something as simple as a hose disconnected, and you may not realize this without the help of the troubleshooting system.

If the washer cannot target the problem, you can then call a repair service like Prompt Appliance Services, Inc. so that the problem can be adequately addressed.

Getting a washer with these 3 features will help the washer to last longer without the need for as many repairs, and it will be more user-friendly in the long run.