Three Reasons To Trim Your Trees On A Regular Basis

Posted on: 20 March 2015

You dread the annual task of tree trimming, but it's an important part of your tree's health and well-being. Outlined below are several reasons tree trimming is beneficial for your tree, as well as your yard.

Keeps Your Tree Healthy and Strong

When you trim your trees on a regular basis, you allow them to grow as they should and distribute water and nutrients to the healthy, living branches, leaves, and fruits.

Unhealthy branches can suck the life right out of your tree—literally. They may be receiving the same amount of nutrients as the other parts of the tree—or even more!— but they don't use them properly. This means the whole tree is suffering as there is a nutrient imbalance. Pruning can also stop the spread of rot and disease, which can travel to the core of the tree, causing irreversible damage and warranting removal of the entire tree.

Keeps Your Property and Family Safe

Improperly-trimmed trees can be a hazard to your property and your family. Whether the tree has unhealthy branches, or it's simply overgrown, it's important to deal with these issues before disaster strikes.

Unhealthy branches don't have a strong connection to the tree, which means they can easily fall during a storm and harm your loved ones or damage property. Some branches may also need to be removed, even if healthy, due to their location.

Proper trimming is important to avoid serious damage or injuries, and may even be an important part of your homeowners insurance coverage—failing to handle dangerous branches can void your insurance, meaning you could be paying out of pocket for any damage that occurs as a result.

Healthy Trees are Beautiful Trees

While not the most important of reasons, the visual appeal of your yard should be a factor in your tree trimming habits. When your trees are properly cared for, their appearance will let you know.

Not only can healthy trees produce beautiful leaves, flowers, and fruits, but they can also take on an appealing shape that will add to the overall beauty of your yard. While your trees may just be there for your own personal enjoyment, beautiful, healthy trees can also increase the sale value of your home and be a great selling point to mention.

Don't fall behind on your tree trimming tasks. If you dread this chore, or simply aren't sure you're doing the best job of it, call in the professionals. They can take this chore off of your hands, and you can enjoy the benefits of happy, healthy trees. For more information, contact a company like Trees Unlimited to learn more.