Think You Don't Have The Room For Nice Landscaping? Think Again!

Posted on: 17 April 2015

If you would love to have a pretty back yard, but think it is too small for anything more than a few plants right against the fence, it is time to think again. Even the smallest yard can be designed to look wonderfully landscaped. Consider these tricks, and use them to create the look and feel you want.


Bright, warm colors draw attention. To make a small yard look bigger, you need to keep the attention on the entryway and perimeters. Plant reds, oranges and yellows along fences and at the base of the house. Be sure to put in a few clusters at the entryways to the yard too. This will make the inner area become more of a background. It won't register as much, making the perimeter the focus so the area seems larger.


Use fences and walls to their full advantage. Do not just plant at the base of them, but up the sides too. Use hanging planters or shelves to get plants off the ground. Hang something that hangs down, like ivy, from the top of the wall to pull the eyes down instead of in toward the middle.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point attracts the senses. When your eyes are trained on a specific spot, the rest of the yard becomes background, and the small size is not noticed. Use brightly-colored and large-leafed plants to attract the eyes. You can also use a bird bath, small fountain or bistro set in addition to the plants to create a lovely area that draws attention.

Use the Outer Landscaping

If there is landscaping on the other side of your fence. Try to incorporate it into your design. For example, if your neighbors have some bushes or small trees planted in their yard you can see from yours, try to plant one on your side of the fence too. If you feel these items will not fit in your yard, try to use the same colors or textures in yours instead. This will give the illusion that your yard extends to include the other yard.

Make the most of your small space, the way you would a small room in your home. Adding a mirror or two to the back wall of the house, and the fence can also make the area look larger. You may not be able to have all the flowers you would like, but you can have a yard that looks great that you enjoy spending time in with a bit of special landscape designing.

For more information, contact Cumberland Valley Tree Service & Landscaping or a similar company.