5 Helpful Tips For Storing Musical Instruments In A Long-Term Storage Unit

Posted on: 17 June 2015

Renting a storage unit can be a fantastic way to gain access to more room for your belongings, but it's crucial that you focus on how to keep the contents of the unit clean and in good condition while they're packed away. If you're planning on storing any musical instruments, it becomes even more important to keep the instruments in good shape.

The following five tips can help you prepare your instruments and ensure that they can be tucked away without problems arising in the future.

Give the Instruments a Deep Clean

The first step to proper storage of any musical instruments is giving everything a thorough cleaning. This means removing finger buttons and other small parts before moving on to the actual cleaning. Using a gentle cleaning solution designed for use with instruments and a soft cloth will help remove debris and grime so that the instruments can be cleaned properly.

Make Sure the Storage Unit Has Climate Control

One of the best qualities when looking into different storage facilities is climate control. Modern facilities should already have this feature equipped in all their units, helping to prevent rust and other damage from occurring to your instruments due to changes in the temperature.

Invest In Quality Instrument Cases

Whether you're storing a guitar, flute, or saxophone, it's crucial that you make sure that you're using a quality case. A sturdy instrument case can be expensive, but it can make all the difference in locking out moisture and debris that could damage the contents.

Consider Using Shelving for Storing the Instruments Safely

Keeping your instrument off the ground is important when using a storage unit, but it may not be an option if you're renting a bare-bones unit. In order to keep the items elevated, look into adding some shelving in the unit. This will make your belongings easier to access and help to reduce the threat of damages.

Insure the Value of Your Instruments

Asking about insurance for the contents of your storage unit is important when storing any valuables. By securing insurance for the value of your instruments, you can feel confident renting a unit with your items safely tucked away.

As you explore your options for storing items in a storage unit, it's a good idea to look into what special steps you should take for storing musical instruments. With the knowledge above in mind, you'll be able to rent a unit without the threat of damage to your belongings. For more questions, contact a company like Magnum Self Storage.