Talking Grass | What The Condition Of Your Lawn Could Tell You About Your Sprinkler System

Posted on: 7 July 2015

The whole reason that most homeowners install a sprinkler system on their property is to keep their lawn and landscaping looking lush and healthy. However, if your sprinkler system is outdated, lush and healthy may be the last thing that you get from your grass. If you familiarize yourself with what would cause your lawn to look less than pristine, you can better understand what may be wrong with an outdated sprinkler system. Here are a few of the most common indicators that something is wrong with your grass and what it could be trying to tell you about the irrigation system on your property. 

You Have Quite a Problem with Dull Grass

Simply put, dull and dry grass blades is usually just an indicator that your lawn is not getting enough water. If you start to see that your lawn is looking dull and lifeless in spite of the sprinkler system that you have in place, it is time to take an assessment of water delivery intervals and make sure they are still happening the way you have your sprinkler system timed to do so. If this is not the issue, your grass could be getting too much of some type of water contaminant, such as chlorine that is commonly in city water supplies. This is common in old sprinkler systems without a filtration system, so you may need to have a professional come out and take a look. 

Your Grass Is Showing Only Spots of Healthy Green  

Spotted grass is never a good sign when you have a sprinkler system in place. It basically means that the irrigation of the property is not occurring in even quantities. This could be caused by faulty sprinkler heads, lack of water pressure, or even leaks in the water lines leading to the sprinklers beneath the ground. If you notice spotty green areas in your lawn, it is definitely time from some maintenance and sprinkler repair. 

The Grass Appears to Wilt Quickly in the Sunlight

A healthy blade of grass should stand tall and proud, soaking up the sun's rays when it is shining. If the grass appears to be wilting in the sun instead, this is likely caused by either too much water application or a misconfigured timer that is watering your lawn at the wrong time of day, such as during periods of heavy sun. Checkout the timer settings and if this is not the issue, you could have a leak somewhere underground that will need to be checked out. 

When the sprinkler system is working appropriately, it is one of the most critical elements of a healthy lawn. If you have issues with your system and your grass is begging for sprinkler repair, talk to a professional contractor for advice.