Natural Ways To Enhance The Look Of Your Yard

Posted on: 2 August 2015

Adding and altering plants in your yard is a great way to change the look of your property. However, before you make any changes, you want to look into your options and choose the ones that allow you to enhance your yard.

Use Bushes for a Border

Bushes are great plants to use as borders, especially evergreens, which generally stay the same color throughout the year. When choosing bushes for a border, you want to consider their overall height, as well as any flowers or berries they produce.

For example, Arborvitae is an evergreen that can be 8-20 feet tall and may get up to 15 feet wide. If you get this shrubbery while it is small, you must leave enough room for the plant to continue to grow. This bush also has yellow flowers when it blooms.

On the other hand, you can choose a Bamboo palm, which can grow up to 20 feet in height, but it only grows to about 10 feet in width. This type of bush does not grow any flowers or berries, which makes it ideal as a privacy border that only requires routine trimmings to help manage the size of the plant.

Create Shade with Trees

Another way to enhance your yard is to add a shaded area. Trimming the lower branches off a large tree and adding seating underneath it is the easiest and fastest method for making a shaded spot. However, the process of creating the right shape does take patience and knowledge to do right.

For example, if you remove the wrong branches from the tree, you could cause damage to your tree. In some situations, removing branches that are larger than 2-inches in diameter exposes the inner heartwood of the tree. When the heartwood is exposed, decay can set in and your tree could die.

To avoid this, you have two options, one of which is to hire a tree service to inspect the tree. Then they can determine which branches you can remove without harming the tree. The other method is to plant a new tree and over the years have the tree service shape it for you. As the tree grows and is pruned, it will develop a specific shape, which allows you to customize your future shaded spot. For more information, contact a professional like those at McGinty Bros., Inc. Professional Lawn & Tree Care.

Making some changes to existing plants or placing new plants into your yard gives you the opportunity to customize the way it looks. Many of these changes can help enhance the look of your property with natural foliage, which may better suit the design scheme that you have in mind.