The String Bead Incident: Personalize Your Dorm With Unique String Curtains

Posted on: 15 September 2015

Personalizing your college dorm makes it feel more like home and allows your fellow students to learn something about your tastes and interests. You're limited by the small size of most dorms, but there's always room for a set of curtains since they don't take up any floor space.

One of the newest trends in drapes is the string curtain. Similar to the beaded curtains of the '60s, string curtains are composed of long strands of thread, ribbon, or other material to make a panel. Here are some dorm room options for string curtains.

Metal ball and metal lynx chain curtains.

Not all string curtains are light and airy. Some are made of metal to give a modern, shiny texture to windows and doorways. They don't collect dust, which makes them a good choice if you have allergies. They also won't be ruined by spilled drinks or exploding ink pens.

Metal ball curtains are made up of the same strands of silver beads used as light switch pulls on ceiling lamps. An entire panel of them gives a minimalist look to a room, and they make great room dividers. Metal lynx curtains are long chain strands available in gold, silver, and copper, and they make perfect curtains for gamers who like medieval style.

Decorated bamboo bead curtains.

If you want to bring some whimsy and color into your dorm, bamboo beaded curtains are a fun choice. Thin bamboo tubes are strung on wire to make a curtain. They are then decorated with one of a variety of designs.

Beach scenes are popular themes, as are psychedelic, floral, and jungle animal designs. Painted bamboo curtains are less see-through than other types of string curtains, so they work well as privacy doors and room dividers.

Acrylic bead curtains.

Acrylic beads come in many colors, and they're even available with flexible tops so you can mold them to fit in a curved doorway or window. Most acrylic beads aren't strung onto thread but are directly attached to each strand on a bead curtain. This makes it easy to cut them to the length you want, since the beads won't all slide off.

Acrylic beads are shimmering and stunning. They catch the light and reflect it back in a magical way. You can buy ceiling drapes made of shiny acrylic beads, too. These are attached to the ceiling to form a swag under the light fixture. They make your room feel like a posh party is happening every time you turn on the light.

Acrylic bead curtains offer no privacy, but they make perfect panels to hang behind your bed as a sparkly "headboard," and you can even use them to make a canopy around your bed. 

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