3 Tips To Help You Get The Best Materials For Your Woodworking Projects

Posted on: 16 March 2016

If you like to do woodworking as a hobby or have projects and repairs to do around your home, you probably want to have quality lumber materials. There are the common materials that you can get from the hardware store, as well as specialty products like hard-to-find wood. If you want to have the best materials to complete projects around your home, here are some tips that might help you:

1. Contact Tree Services To Get Waste From Tree Removal

There are many trees that get removed from private property because they have become a danger to property and people. Often these are species that have valuable lumber that cannot be bought commercially. If you are looking for materials like ash, elm, walnut or pecan, contact a tree service and ask them if they have any interesting jobs. If you want to haul the materials off yourself, they will often let you have it free of cost because it saves them from extra work disposing of the waste. Sometimes homeowners may also keep waste to save on disposal costs, so you may want to talk with them too.

2. Look For Waste Materials From Remodeling And Demolition Projects

Remodeling of older buildings often involves demolition of wood materials, which can be valuable wood. With old barns, homes and factories, old growth plank flooring and wood beams are often removed. If you know where any of these projects are, talk with the contractor about removing the timber materials from the demolition. If they do not recycle the material, they may let you have it for free. You can also get it for a small fee if they sell the reclaimed materials, which is becoming a more common practice.

3. Contact A Specialty Lumber Supply Service For Hard-To-Find Lumber Materials

If you cannot find the material you want for a specific project, there are also specialty services that have different wood materials. These lumber suppliers can have a variety of different woods from different sources and provide you with the materials you are looking for. Sometimes this can be a great resource to find lumber that is no longer commercial available.

These are some tips that may help you get the best materials you need for your woodworking projects. If you need wood for your next project, contact a tree service, like Tree Sculptors, and talk with them about getting extra materials from jobs or removing trees from your own property to turn into usable lumber.