Use Christmas Lights, Foam Bowls, and Other Supplies to Create Decorative Centerpieces

Posted on: 27 July 2016

If you are going to be hosting a barbecue for several hours outside on your home's property for you and some of your co-workers, add allure to your patio and increase lighting with some homemade centerpieces. The following instructions will teach you how to make these unique decorations that can be displayed across tabletops or placed on any other flat surface.


  • strings of Christmas lights (battery operated)
  • foam bowls
  • staples
  • staple gun
  • artificial flowers and foliage
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • glue gun
  • balloons (translucent or light colors)
  • light sticks
  • batteries

Add Lights, Flowers, and Foliage to the Base of Each Centerpiece

Wrap strings of Christmas lights that are battery operated and from a company such as River City Lights around each foam bowl's exterior. Use staples and a staple gun to secure the light strings to the foam. Select artificial flowers and foliage that will complement other decor on your property's patio. Trim each item's stem with a pair of scissors if desired.

Either tuck the remaining part of each stem underneath a part of one of the light strands or apply glue to each item being adding before pressing it against one of the foam bases. Continue adding plants to the foam until you are satisfied with the appearance of each one. 

Insert Light Sticks in Balloons and Secure Them

Activate enough light sticks so that there will be one for each centerpiece. Blow up a balloon that is translucent or a light color and push a light stick through the neck of it before securing it with a knot. Add the remaining light sticks to any other balloons that you have chosen to add to the centerpieces. Add a line of glue around the bottom of a balloon before pressing it into one of the decorated, foam bowls. Secure the remaining balloons in the same manner. Wait for the glue to dry before picking up the completed decorations.

Arrange the Centerpieces on the Patio

Purchase additional batteries, light sticks, and balloons so that you can add more lighting to the outdoor area if any of the original centerpieces stop working before the barbecue is over. Place the centerpieces that you have created in the middle of tables, across railings, or on any other flat surface on the patio where guests will be spending time. The centerpieces will increase the beauty of your outdoor patio and will provide soft lighting that can be enjoyed throughout the barbecue celebration.