Why White Is A Good Color Choice For A Ceiling Fan

Posted on: 4 September 2020

Ceiling fans are available in a wide range of colors. You'll commonly notice fans with wooden or faux-wood blades, giving them a brown appearance. Other fans may be silver, brass, or brightly colored — the latter option may be a fun choice for a child's bedroom or a children's playroom. It's impossible to shop for a new fan without noticing models that are white, however. You'll find white ceiling fans in a wide range of styles, including models with lights, different numbers of blades, and more. Here are some reasons that white is a good color choice for your fan.

It Doesn't Make The Room Feel Small

People often decorate in bright colors when they want their rooms to appear spacious. For example, you might feel as though a room with white walls feels larger than a room with brown walls, even if the dimensions of the room are the same. This point is worth remembering when you're shopping for a new ceiling fan. If you were to choose a fan in a dark color, it may loom overhead to some degree — perhaps even making the ceiling appear lower than it is. White, meanwhile, will promote a spacious feel.

It Matches With Everything

White is a valuable color for a wide range of accessories in your home because it matches with virtually everything. When you add a ceiling fan to any room, you want it to be a good visual fit. For example, if you have taupe walls and are thinking about adding a wooden ceiling fan, there's a chance that the color of the wood may not complement the color of the walls. This would result in a room that lacks visual appeal. A white fan will go well with many different wall colors, and can especially tie in well if you have white baseboards or crown molding.

It Won't Likely Go Out Of Style

Certain colors and designs can be fashionable for a period of time, but then go out of style. When you buy a ceiling fan, you want it to offer some degree of style for many years. Because a white fan has a simple, understated look to it, you're unlikely to feel that it will go out of style. Conversely, some colors that seem fashionable now may not be appealing several years in the future. This could prompt you to think about prematurely replacing the fan. Browse the website of a retailer that specializes in home accessories to look at different models of ceiling fans.