Five Things You Can Do With Quartz Mineral Specimens

Posted on: 13 October 2020

When staying on-trend and incorporating natural things into your home's design, you're going to come across some beautiful items that you don't entirely know how to use to their best potential. Among them are quartz mineral specimens, the beautiful clusters of crystals and quartz that are alluring to look at and make an ideal conversation piece.

If you come across quartz mineral specimens for sale, you don't want to pass these beauties up. From the larger commanding quartz mineral specimens in beautiful colors and vibrant structural designs to the more minute specimens that are subtle in their appeal, here are five things you can do with your quartz mineral specimens in and around the home.

Use them as bookends

For a unique approach to shelving and bookends, use quartz mineral specimens. If you have two of them that are rather large and have some heft to them, you can easily incorporate quartz mineral specimens into your regular decor and put them to good use. A tighter cluster with a large base is best for this type of project.

Use them to illuminate a room

Place long quartz mineral specimens near a light source, such as a nightlight or small room lamp, to gently illuminate a room. The light that goes through these lightly transparent quartz mineral specimens is gentle and subtle, creating a sweet ambiance in a home library, private bedroom, or even the bathroom.

Use them to add texture to a garden area

Do you have a lot of small garden areas around the home, but they lack definition and depth? Do you have a lot of ground cover foliage but few decorative pieces? You can line your garden areas with some quartz mineral specimens to bring flat gardens to life and give them a charming texture. If you have any solar garden lights, all the better: simply place random singular or clustered quartz mineral specimens near solar lights so they gently illuminate the night.

Use them to make interior plants stand out

If you have succulents and other types of indoor plants, use small quartz mineral specimens to make these little plants stand out with more charm and dimension. While classic white or clear quartz mineral specimens for sale are easy to find, you can also locate colored or more diverse quartz mineral specimens to use in your interior plant bases.

When you buy quartz mineral specimens for the home, consider buying both clusters, singular quartz pieces, and those that come with a rock base. Being diverse with your quartz mineral specimens purchase allows you to get the most out of your experience.