Inspecting A Home's Septic Tank

Posted on: 24 March 2022

For a home that uses a septic system for disposing of its wastewater, the septic tank can be a central component. As a result, it is often necessary for homeowners to utilize the services of a septic tank inspection service.

Septic Tank Inspections Can Allow You To Be Informed About This Important Part Of A House Before Buying A Home

Before buying a home that has a septic tank, it is critical to take the time to ensure that the tank is in good condition. Repairing damaged or degraded septic tanks can be a major project, and this will be something that most individuals want to avoid shortly after they have spent the money to buy a property. Fortunately, one of these inspections can be a short process that may not have a big impact on the amount of time that is needed to close on the property, but it can offer you valuable insights into the condition of this critical part of the plumbing system.

Septic Tank Inspections Should Be A Regular Part Of Your Home's Septic Maintenance Schedule

In addition to having the septic tank inspected prior to buying a property, it is also necessary to have this component inspected by a professional inspection service every few years. By incorporating these inspections into your regular maintenance and care schedule for your septic tank, you will be able to identify when there are problems that may be developing with the septic tank. Despite these tanks being designed to last for decades before they need to be replaced, they can suffer cracking or other damages over the years that may have to be repaired. Depending on the particular problem that is occurring, it might be possible to patch the septic tank, but it is often necessary to replace these tanks when they start to develop structural issues.

Septic Tank Inspections Can Be Completed Without Substantial Excavation

Due to the septic tank being buried below the ground, individuals can assume that it will be necessary to dig up much of the soil around the septic tank to be able to inspect it. However, these tanks can often be inspected with a camera system that is inserted into the tank. This will enable the technician to thoroughly assess the entire interior of the septic tank to look for damages. For the best results from this inspection, the tank should be pumped prior to the inspection so that any solid waste or other debris that could obstruct the inspection is removed.

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